We can have you earning
recurring income through
beautiful product search,
within weeks.

3 steps to launch your product search engine

Step 1.
Tell us who you want to work with.

We highly recommend including brands that you've recently featured in editorial.
You'll need to supply us with:

  • Their affiliate datafeed (be sure you apply to join first)
  • Their product feed (if they don't have an affiliate datafeed)
  • Content for their directory listing
Step 2.
We'll integrate their products and brand listing into your search.

Every 24 hours, new products from partner brands are added to your site, and out of stock products are removed.

Step 3.
We'll integrate your editorial into the search.

We'll integrate any related editorial alongside products to drive sales for partner brands.

You're probably wondering...

Can we customise the template?

Yes. You can use our standard template if you want to get set up as quickly as possible, or you can customise the look.

How much IT resource is needed?

Good news. Technical input required is very minimal because the sites sit on our servers. At a minimum, all your technical team needs to do is set up a subdomain which points to our server, and add a Shopping link into the navigation of your main website.

What implementation work is needed from our side?

The main input required from publishers is a strategy for promoting the product search across print, digital and social.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is a per-feed and per directory-listing model designed to scale as the retail digital marketing and affiliate ecosystem matures. Pricing starts at $20/month per directory listing.

What should I charge brands to be part of it?

We recommend charging brands a flat fee per month. You'll earn commission from affiliate sales referrals on top of this.